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MARCIN SAMBORSKI – Music Composer and Producer – Info, Portfolio, Contact. Music | TV | Film | Advertising | Games


Marcin is an incredibly talented composer. What sets him apart is his ability to assess the dramatic requirements of a scene and develop compositions that compliment both the character development and the narrative. Rarely through working with him did I feel he was far from the mark in terms of the tone and his understanding of drama heightened the quality of our films significantly.

Peter Roe
- Director

It's amazing how much good sound design and music makes to a video. After my recent experience with Marcin I now realise having a separate set of ears and a specialist sound team work on this part of production is essential. Marcin was incredibly helpful and worked with me to produce the sounds for an educational animation, the results he produced exceeded my expectations. I hope to keep working with Marcin in the future. Thanks!

Niko van Poortvliet
- Director Filmbright

Marcin is a very talented and versatile composer. His work is high-quality and on-brief. CORD Poland particularly likes Marcin because of his Polish background but English academic/musical education and style of work.

- Music Agency

Location: London

Born in London, raised in Poland. Based back in London since 2009, having graduated with a 1st class degree from London College of Music.

Adverts, films, brand idents, apps

Clients include: ASOS, World Economic Forum, UCL, Soho Square Studios, Gramercy Park Studios, Wave Studios

Secret weapon: Psychology of Music

1465249392_Brain-Games-greyIn the new world of constant information overload and attention economy, standard musical knowledge is not sufficient for creating an effective music or sound effects piece.

Inherent passion for psychology and neuroscience defines my creative choices, backed up by four years of experience in the advertising industry and academic research.

Work philosophy

food_and_drink_512pxGREYMusic to a visual is like wine to a meal – you can have it solo (in moderation of course), but coupling them together gives the experience a new meaning. And as with the annoying hangover, mnemonics follow us everywhere.

Main inspirations

Ryuchi Sakamoto, Nobuo Uematsu. Nils Frahm, Chilly Gonzales, Alexandre Desplat, Yann Tiersen, John Barry, Philip Glass, Vaporwave


July 2017:
Did a little TV interview recently.
They must have gotten the wrong guy…



Aladdin Healthcare
Maciej Beczek – Zamach Stanu

Choreography: Maciej Beczek

Archibald Optics: Redefine Excellence

Director + Producer: Jack Coldicott

PYD Allegro

Director: Dawid Wiktorowski


Director: Peter Roe


Director: Kamil Wawrzuta


Director: Maciej Beczek Warszawska Opera Kameralna

UCL Applied Medical Sciences MSci

Client: Film Bright LTD / UCL

The Prisoner’s Dream

Convinced that he is dreaming, a Prisoner talks to a Psychiatrist about his waking life. The Psychiatrist, convinced that The Prisoner is guilty of a brutal crime, attempts to break his resistance. Director: Peter Roe